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Andratx is located in the south-west of Mallorca

Neighbouring regions and areas

Andratx borders on the municipal areas of Calvia and Es Capdellà (in the east), Puigpunyent (in the north-east) and Estellencs (in the north-west).

Muni_guide_icon_globe 25.5% (2,761) of 2014 population (10,806): 30.8% German,
13% British, 6% French, 5% Italian
Muni_guide_icon_golf 1 golf course Golf de Andratx
Muni_guide_icon_heart_hospital 1 hospital and 2 medical centres Muni_guide_icon_beach 12 beaches
Muni_guide_icon_book 4 local schools Muni_guide_icon_marina_boat 2 marinas
Muni_guide_icon_police 13 police stations  Muni_guide_icon_airport 40 km / 30 min

Daily sunshine hours

The South-West of Mallorca is popular with holiday-makers as it has the highest number of sun-drenched days on the whole territory of the island. The Andratx area is pleased with the abundance of sun, with 10 sunny hours per day in summer, 7-9 hours in spring, 7-8 hours in autumn and 5-6 hours of sun per day in winter.

Average day/night temperature

The climate in Andratx is referred to as a local steppe climate. The average annual temperature is 16.7 °C. The temperatures are highest on average in August, at around 24.6 °C. In January, the average temperature is 10.2 °C. It is the lowest average temperature of the whole year. During the year, there is a little rainfall in Andratx, with the the average of 466 mm. The least amount of rainfall occurs in July. The average in this month is 6 mm. Most precipitation falls in October, with an average of 80 mm.

Wind direction distribution during the year (%)

The Tramuntana also known as Mestral, a strong, cold, wind that blows from southern France and accompanied by clear, fresh weather. It usually lasts one or two days. When other parts of Spain and Mallorca have clouds, Andratx is not affected for long, since the north-western wind quickly clears the sky. The mistral has the reputation of bringing good health as it blows away pollution from the skies.The opposite to the Mestral is the south-eastern wind Sirocco (Catalan: Xaloc), warm, short-lived, but often brings Saharan sands mixed in with rain. Andratx region is especially exposed to the Lebeche, also known as Llebeig and Garbí in Catalan, a hot southerly wind in advance of a low pressure area moving from the Sahara Desert.

Average sea temperature

The thermal variation of the water has a range of around 18-20 °C in November and 30 °C in summer. The highest average sea water temperature is usually in August, September and July.


It is no wonder that Andratx municipality is one of the most sought-after residential destinations. Apart from the outstanding nature and picturesque views, here you’ll find an exceptional range of leisure activities. Its infrastructure is excellent and the distance to the airport and Palma city is reasonable.

Located on the southwest tip of the island, it is diverse with its traditional Majorcan towns and villages, and lively holiday resorts. The lonely crystal clear bays, surrounded by the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains, make this region so charming and special.

Andratx Property Insights

Depending on their location, the properties in Andratx offer beautiful views over the hilly countryside, the sea or the harbour. The plots and village houses in the area are of interest to many prime second-home buyers.

Port Andratx is ranked amongst the most popular locations in the southwest. It is notable for its charming harbour and the beautiful beach of Cala Llamp. Also, it has plenty of villas and apartments, situated proudly on the hillsides. Port Andratx is an exclusive cosmopolitan corner of the municipality, offering a peerless luxury lifestyle. Here you’ll find numerous fine dining restaurants, and a wide selection of bars and cafés, some of them with tables set close to the water. Not to forget its glamorous boutiques, and excellent boating and marine facilities.

Prices on Andratx property market are significanty higher than Mallorca’s regular. The average price for an apartment is per square meter. Prices of houses here are almost doubled compared to the island. The average price for a house in Andratx region is  per square meter. Investment opportunities are available for around  per square meter.

Majority of estates in Andratx offer stunning views of the sea. This privileged position increases the price of property.

The most renowned real estate agencies operating on Andratx property market are Engel & VölkersFirst Mallorca and Minkner & Partner with more than 120 listings in the area.

Andratx property price analysis.

Why Andratx Property?

With the development of the prime real estate market in the municipality, agriculture and fishing as a means of livelihood have been declining considerably. However, organic farms and freshly caught fish are favoured by foreign residents appreciating the high quality of local food. The main crops in the region are almonds, carob, figs and citrus fruits. Also grapes, which are used for producing the ”Santa Catarina” wine.

Further towns in the municipality of Andratx are Sant Elm and S’Arracó. Sant Elm is a small traditional and picturesque fishing harbour, which is notable with its excellent fish restaurants and a sandy beach. In addition, it is the nearest to Sa Dragonera. Many people come here to visit this unique uninhabited island and a natural reserve.

The small artistic village of S’Arraco is a place of historic townhouses and small fincas. It attracts mainly those, who enjoy tranquility and mountain scenery. And also likes to be surrounded by the unspoiled nature.

The seaside resort of Camp de Mar with its beautiful sandy beach and the championship regular golf course of ”Golf de Andratx” is also widely known.

Andratx is one of the municipalities on Mallorca with the highest percentage of foreign residents. The total number of foreigners as of 2014 population was 26% (2,761). It mostly includes German (853), British (364), French (177) and Italian (130) nationals. Nevertheless, the region of Andratx with its surrounding villages and towns is not actually highlighted by many of the major tourism operators. This way, the majority of people you can meet in Andratx are independent wealthy travellers or prime second-home property owners.

Many foreign second-home residents have decided to live in Andratx the whole year. The rise and variety of the cultural highlights keep the municipality lively not only in summer but off-season as well. Besides, the real estate range in Andratx is high. The properties in the region include luxury villas with stunning sea views, unique apartments, and traditional village houses. Most of the properties are located in the vibrant port area. Some of them are set directly on the golf course.

Ambiance and Lifestyle

The privileged location of Andratx offers a safe environment for families and new businesses. The municipality boasts a very low crime rate, compared to some other regions. Its police force includes over 50 policemen, guarding entrance points to the region and each town. In addition, a large variety of international schools is reachable from any of the surrounding towns or villages in less than 20 minutes.

Andratx is certainly no stranger to the rich and famous. Over the years, the region has had a reputation of attracting well-known politicians and celebrities. One of which being the wife of Rudolf Valentino, who lived here during the 1930’s. Claudia Schiffer, Tom Cruise and Michael Schumacher are also said to own properties in the region.

10 hours of the sunshine per day in summer and the range of 12 beaches. This makes Andratx municipality a perfect base to have some wonderful leisure time. Moreover, sailors and golfers are flocking here not only in summer but off-season as well. With its various yacht and diving schools, the region offers a large variety of water activities. Every golfer based in Andratx can reach a variety of excellent golf courses of the south-west of Mallorca within 20-minutes driving at the most. Hiking, exploring the great mountain ranges, is popular in the region as well.

During the year, there are plenty of events and fiestas organized in Andratx. For example, in July and August is a time for a popular festivity ”Nits a la Fresca”. It is held in the courtyard of Son Mas Town Hall in the Andratx town. The celebration features different entertainment, such as music, dance, theatre, and other venues.

Andratx property market analysis.