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Exclusive beach resorts next to Palma

The coast of these popular and beautiful holiday destinations boasts the most splendid range of amenities. Residential suburbs located between Cas Catala and Illetas have a number of sea view frontline apartments with breathtaking views and enjoy fantastic infrastructure, vibrant shopping, sports and leisure facilities. Illetas & Cas Catala property makes for some of the most attractive for many second home buyers in the Bay de Palma.

Illetas & Cas Catala property insights

In these luxury resort areas are concentrated the majority of selective boutique hotels, apartments and residencies in the Balearic Islands.

The average price for Illetas property ranges from for a house to for an apartment, what makes this area one of the most expensive in Calvia and Mallorca. Sea view position increases the average price. If you’re interested in investment, current opportunities are  per square meter.

The most renowned agencies on Illetas & Cas Catala property markets are Engel & VölkersReiderstad Invest and First Mallorca. These agencies list the highest number of Illetas property offers.

Illetas & Cas Catala property price analysis.


Why Illetas & Cas Catala property?

Illetas means ‘islets’ in English, and refers to three tiny islands of Sa Torre, Sa Caleta and Des Pas. They seem to float on the sea just off the coast, in waters so clear that they reflect the surrounding pine trees.

Together with Cas Catala, which formerly was one of the capital’s most important residential areas, Illetas forms the nucleus of the municipality of Calvia which marks the border with Palma region. In addition, the historic center of Palma is only five minutes away and the airport can be reached in a fifteen minute drive.

The atmosphere in these areas is certainly laidback, providing the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful leisure. Here you are closer to nature and can hear the birds singing out of your window, and not the sound of the car engines. Dense pine forests saturate the atmosphere with the healing ozone, rich in mineral salt, which makes the time spent here not only enjoyable but also therapeutic.

The main historical landmark of Illetas is a fortification tower of the nineteenth century, which looks harmonious in the pine forest landscape. Also, there are several Old Catholic churches in the areas.

The beautiful white villas, mansions and old fashioned hotels also give a special tone to these resort towns. For example, the residential complex Anchorage Club was chosen as a high-society destination during Mallorca’s golden age. This Mediterranean-style building is situated on a rocky coastline, overlooking the sea. It nicely complements the landscape and is now the place of environmental beauty with luxurious facilities.

It is no surprise that such celebrities as actors Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power, actress Rita Hayworth, the President Richard Nixon, and the King Al Saudi Arabia, at their times selected these towns on the Calvia’s coastline to spend here their holidays. These are definitely the areas on Mallorca that you could choose to escape to and enjoy life.

You find plenty of options for a nice active leisure time in and around Illetas and Cas Catala. It is possible to use the services of the marina with different beautiful yachts and boats.

For golf lovers, there is a famous Bendinat Golf Club with the flattest area on the island, which you can experience.

For those loving active pastime on the water, diving school and large diving center for advanced divers are available. Many small coastal callas of Illetas hide the underwater world of a fantastic beauty as if waiting for its true connoisseurs.

There are two fine sandy beaches in the areas. The largest is Playa de Illetas, a very popular beach, which offers beautiful views of the three islets. It has terraces right on the cliffs that are designed for those, who love to sunbathe in privacy and quiet atmosphere.

The smaller beach of Cala Comptessa is located right in the residential district. In front of the beach there is the island Caleta. Surrounded by the incredibly fragrant pine trees, it gives a natural shade and provides a natural aromatherapy.

All the beach areas are well-maintained and equipped, with beach clubs and lounge areas to enjoy a cocktail or a meal. There is always a lot going on in the evening, making them one of the hip hangouts in the summer.

People staying in Illetas and Cas Catala can enjoy the cozy and relaxed atmosphere of the Mediterranean resort town. It is mostly preferred among quiet and presentable audiences, prime second home buyers and families with children, who are tired of the everyday hustle and bustle, typical for some touristic areas.

Illetas & Cas Catala property market analysis.