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North treasure with the unique island’s culture, also a favourite destination for watersports and sailing

Towns and villages of the Pollensa Region


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Pollensa is located in the northern coast of Mallorca

Neighbouring regions and areas

Pollensa borders on the municipal areas of Alcudia (in the east), Escorca, Campanet and Sa Pobla (in the west) and the Bay of Pollensa (in the north).


Muni_guide_icon_globe 20% (3,342) of 2014 population (16,088): 23% British,
7% German, 7% Italian, 5% French
Muni_guide_icon_golf 1 golf course Pollensa Golf Club
Muni_guide_icon_heart_hospital 2 clinics and 1 health centre Muni_guide_icon_beach 17 beaches
Muni_guide_icon_book 6 public colleges and 1 private school Muni_guide_icon_marina_boat 1 marina in Puerto Pollensa
Muni_guide_icon_police 3 police stations  Muni_guide_icon_airport 61,7 km / 45 min

Daily sunshine hours

Pollensa region is pleased with the abundance of sun, with average of 7 hours in spring, 6 hours in autumn and 4.5 hours of sun per day in winter. In June and July, you can expect to enjoy 10-11 hours of sunshine per day. So in Pollensa you can have a full eight months of bikini-suitable days.

Average day/night temperature

The weather in Pollensa is characterized by an ideal Mediterranean climate of hot summers with mild winters. It maintains average highs of 300C throughout the summer and rarely falling below 100C in the winter, with the most daily sunshine hours at 11 in July. Pollensa weather is typically fine and dry across all seasons. The rain is rare with the most rainfall usually seen in October with an average of 63mm of precipitations. The least amount of rainfall occurs in July. The average in this month is 9mm of rain. The best month to swim in the sea is in August when the average sea temperature is 25°C.

Wind direction distribution during the year (%)

The northeast wind conditions in Pollensa are favourable for practicing various water and nautical sports, especially windsurfing and kite-surfing, as well as yachting and sailing. Here in the North, you can find the best and longest waves, especially when strong winds are blowing from the Tramuntana Mountains.

Average sea temperature

The thermal variation of the water has a range of around 19 °C in November and 23.3 °C in summer. During the winter, it drops down to about 14 °C. The highest average sea water temperature is usually in August, September and July. The most popular time to spend in Pollensa is in the summer as going to the beach to sunbathe and for water sports is perfect with this sea water temperature.


One of the most beautiful and attractive regions in Mallorca. With its secluded coves, diverse landscape and traditions, Pollensa is the beloved place for artists. Also, it is among the favourites for second-home destinations.

Situated in the north of the island, both Pollensa and its harbour are well-known and highly considered internationally. For many years, the region has attracted people from all over the world and proves year on year to be an unbeatable getaway. This way, the municipality has gradually been made the home of many Europeans and other populations, giving it a cosmopolitan character.

Pollensa Property Insights

Prices on the Pollensa property market are below Mallorca’s regular. The average price in North Mallorca ranges from per square meter for an apartment to per square meter for a house. However, property providing highly appreciated sea views rise in value. For investment, you’ll be able to find opportunities for  per square meter.

The most notable real estate agencies operating on Pollensa property market are Vogue and Balearic Properties, listing nearly 200 offers, followed by Pollentia Properties and Immo Abroad with more than 160 listings in the area.

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Why Pollensa Property?

In Pollensa, you can find both lively beaches, and such idyllic and unforgettable places like Formentor and the bay of San Vicente.
With its sun, sea, and mountains, Pollensa is a paradise for a thousand sporting and leisure activities, recreational routes, and hugely diverse landscapes. Also, it is a rich cultural, historical and gastronomical wonder world with something for absolutely everyone. It is not about owning a second-home, it is a whole way of life to be relished.

Pollensa is the sixth largest municipality in Mallorca. It borders the regions of Alcudia, Sa Pobla, Campanet and Escorca. To the north, Pollensa is bounded by the sea. The capital city of Palma, as well as the international airport, are easily reached in 45 minutes.

The center of the region is a very ancient town of Pollensa, located in the inland of the municipality. The town is notable with its historical monuments, festivals and traditional summer holidays.

The Calvary path is one of the famous attractions and walking routes. It represents a long stairway of 365 steps connecting the town to the top of the hill. At the peak, you can observe the little chapel Calvari, dating back to the 18th century. Also from here, you can admire the magnificent views over the entire region.

Puerto Pollensa is a lovely harbour town, surrounded by picturesque mountains. It is located just in a 15-minute drive from the municipality’s center. Here you can enjoy long walks, have a wonderful dinner or just relax on the beach.

In the town of Pollensa and in its port you can find all amenities such as good restaurants, cafés and shopping possibilities.

Most of the properties in the region are situated in fertile valleys between the northern mountains and the Bay of Pollensa.
The luxurious villas stretched along the Formentor headland became a home of the privileged and affluent persons. The emblematic Hotel Formentor also hosts rich and famous guests.

Pollensa has the best climate and surroundings for nature lovers, as well as outdoor, water and nautical sports fans and professionals. The specialties here are the windsurfing and kitesurfing. Due to its proximity to the Serra de Tramuntana, this region also attracts extreme and mountain sports. All in all, Pollensa is where most of the sailing, hiking, cycling and Nordic walking enthusiasts come together on the island.

If you play the noble sport of golf, the charming Pollensa Golf Course has really nice tracks. This 9-hole course is beautifully surrounded by hundreds of ancient olive trees, so you can also enjoy a nice scenery. Both golfers and non-golfers will definitely like the club restaurant, especially notable by its lunch menu.

In Pollensa, you will find ones of the greatest beaches, as well as beautiful calas and bays.
Playa de Port de Pollensa is a nearly 1,5 km long sandy beach, Blue Flag-awarded. It is popular and well-known for practicing surfing, kitesurfing, jet skiing, diving and others. Numerous watersports and nautical schools offer their services in the area.

Sheltered by the surrounding mountains, is the isolated bay of Cala San Vicente. It is truly one of the most beautiful spots in Mallorca. The site comprises four tiny coves – Cala Barques, Cala Clara, Cala Molins and Cala Carbo. All of them are with fine white sandy beaches and surrounded by pine woods.

Formentor Peninsula is the most southerly point of the island and municipality. This exclusive rugged and wild headland is sheltering a wonderful beach with crystal clear waters. Here you can find Cape Formentor, an impressive rock wall rising to a height of 200 metres, constantly battered by waves. From its lighthouse, you can admire the grandeur of the Mediterranean in a landscape, whose most vital elements are the wind and the sea.

Pollensa itself is also very artistic and traditional. There are many shops and galleries with traditional craftsmanship. For example, in Galerias Vicenç and Casa Maria you can find the traditional family crafts, the textile design and the embroideries.

Importantly, plenty of events and festivals are held throughout the year in the region. The most popular of them include International Competition of Fine Arts, International Music Festival, Pilgrimage to the Holy Week, Battle of the Moors against the Christians, and Pi de Ternelles during the Feast of Saint Anthony.

Finally, Pollença is emblematic region due to its wonderful uniqueness and beauty. It is no wonder that there are many celebrities and privileged persons, that have homes here. Also, the enormous amount of visitors is welcomed in Pollensa every season. The municipality is one of the best places for prime second-home buyers on the island to live in, to spend a holiday and to enjoy nature, as well as diverse culture and art.

Pollensa property market analysis.