Sant Joan de Labritja property buyers enjoy the beauty of the local land.




Northern gem of Ibiza & gateway to the most idyllic bays

Towns and villages of the Sant Joan de Labritja Region


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Sant Joan de Labritja is located in the northern coast of the island

Nearby calas and beaches

Cala Benirrás, Cala Benirrás, Cala de Sant Vicent, Cala d’en Serra, Caló des Multons, Cala Xarraca, Cala Xuclar, Portinatx, Port de San Miguel, S’Illot des Rencli

Muni_guide_icon_globe 32.9% (1,867) of 2014 population (5,668): 17% German,
13.4% British, 12.2% French, 9.9% Americas, 9.4% Italian
Muni_guide_icon_golf 1 golf course Golf Club Ibiza
Muni_guide_icon_heart_hospital 1 hospital Muni_guide_icon_beach 8 beaches
Muni_guide_icon_book 2 schools Muni_guide_icon_marina_boat 1 marina in Puerto de Portinatx
Muni_guide_icon_police 1 police station  Muni_guide_icon_airport 31 km / 30-34 min


Daily sunshine hours

Ibiza’s long marvelous summers with plenty of sunshine are what made it famous (as well as its legendary parties). The sun is shining everyday from May to September, peaking at an average of 13 sunlight hours per day in July. The sunshine levels in autumn are still great at an average of 9 hours. The darkest months of January and February are seeing an average of 7 sunny hours per day. In spring, a healthy amount of sunshine to be enjoyed getting up to an average of 9 hours in March and 10 in April.

Average day/night temperature

The climate in Ibiza is Mediterranean, enjoying long hot and dry summers and mild winters. The island is famous for its glorious beach weather with plentiful sunshine.
During the early spring, the temperatures are slightly chilly. Daytime temperatures range from an average of 17°C to 22°C.
The summer season starts from June and lasts until September. August is the hottest month with an average temperature of 29°C. July has the lowest average rainfall – just 10mm.
In autumn, the overall weather remains warm and pleasant. Daytime temperatures rise to an average of 24°C in October and lower to 19°C in November. However, rainfall increases during this period and averages between 55mm and 77mm with the wettest month being October.

Wind direction distribution during the year (%)

In summer, a cooling sea breeze brings a pleasant relief from the hottest temperatures. Dust storms occur in the late winter/early spring time (usually between January and March). During this period, heavy rain and high winds can hit the island for 2-3 days. These hot winds are blowing across from the Sahara, due to the island’s close proximity to North Africa.

Average sea temperature

The sea temperature is warm in summer, rising from around 21°C in June. The best month to swim in the sea is in August when the average sea temperature is peaking at 26°C. Generally, swimming in the sea is comfortable from May right through until October and often even longer. Sea temperatures during the spring tend to average at 18°C.


Sant Joan de Labritja property insights

The most rural region in the northern part of the island, the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja (also known as San Juan Bautista) is among the most privileged locations where nature is found at its finest and for this it is much loved by residents and visitors.

Sant Joan de Labritija property market consists mainly from villas, country houses and fincas in typical rural style. An average price for a house is around  per square meter, while for an apartment the average value is currently . For investment opportunities, you can expect  . Thanks to the local topography and nature, properties in the area provide a number beautiful views. There is a premium value on the top of the average selling price for a house with a sea view position. 

The most active real estate agencies on Sant Joan de Labritja property market are Luxury Villas Ibiza with more than 20 listings in 2017, followed by The Agency Ibiza and Ibiza Properties for Sale.

Sant Joan de Labritja property market analysis.

Why Sant Joan de Labritja property?

It is the least-populated region but is recognised for its vast natural area and wildest landscapes. Here you find unspoilt woodlands, fantastic flora and fauna, magnificent cliffs and the most natural and abrupt coast. Most part of the municipality is protected which makes it a perfect location for a countryside getaway.

The Municipality consists of five areas: Sant Joan, Sant Vicent, Sant Llorenç, Sant Miquel and Portinatx. All of them are small but well-known resort villages where locals live alongside people from all over the world who have chosen this charming rural part of Ibiza as their residence.

Within the long stretch of the coast of the municipality of Sant Joan, you find many quality and beautiful beaches. The most favoured beaches are in Cala Portinatx, Cala de Sant Vicent and Port de San Miguel, offering excellent services.

Additionally, there are also plenty of lovely natural coves to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity. You’ll find many unique spots such as Caló des Multons, Cala Xarraca, Cala d’en Serra, S’Illot des Rencli, and Benirrás, which became famous because of the hippie ambience and sunset drumming.

The Municipality shares with Sant Antoni an area of Es Amunts, which is announced as a Natural Area of Special Interest. This place has a high environmental value, known for its unique flora and fauna. This stunning landscape offers spectacular routes to be walked, leading you to the defensive tower of Balanzat, underground caverns of the Cova de Can Marca, filled with stalactites and stalagmites, and the ancient archaeological site of the cave Es Culleram’s, which hosts the most important pieces of the Phoenician past.

Sant Joan de Labritja property market analysis.